What is a bespoke solution?

A bespoke solution can be used in complex or unusal circumstances. There is a high degree of flexibility and each case is addressed wth a problem solving apporach

How can Capital Care Investment help?

Please see below a full rate card for our bespoke product,get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything further:

  • Max LTGDV
  • Max Day 1
  • LTC
  • Developer profit(minimum)
  • Loan Term
  • Minimum Loan Size
  • Maximum Loan Size
  • Minimum interest
  • Borrower Type
  • Fees
  • Location

  • 70% (including rolled up interest)
  • 70% (including fees>
  • 100% (including rolled up interest & fees)
  • 20% profit on cost
  • 3-18 months
  • £500,000
  • £10,000,000
  • 9.6% p.a.
  • Linted companies & incorpated pratnership
  • Arangement fee 2.0% & Exit fee 1.0% of loan
  • CCI Geographies

Next Steps

To discuss next steps, please call us on +44 115 8450535 or, email us on [email protected] if you are ready to check wheather your property qualifies for a CCI solution, please email us the following information:

  • Description of the situation/circumstances
  • property location
  • Use of funds

When do you use the Bespoke product with CCI?

  • When the property has high LTV
  • When the borrower has previous insolvencies
  • If there is a complicated title
  • If the development is part-completed
  • if there is a complex or unusual corporate or legal ownership structure
  • if the sites require remedial works
  • if there is a pre-planning or outline planning

Our Experience

We have issued a number of bespoke loans,review our case stuides and find out how we have helped clients previously.

If you would like to know more about how we work, please speak with a member of our team by calling + 44 115 8450535 or via email on [email protected]