Planning & Building Services

Providing innovative and cost-effective planning solutions

Capital Care Investment is a trusted organisation which is renowned for its unprecedented expertise and for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to both public and private sectors to exacting standards. Through a multi-disciplined and process-orientated delivery structure, CCI delivers bespoke, flexible and efficient services. CCI prides itself on professional and responsive customer relationships evidenced by the high proportion of referrals and repeat business.

Land referencing

Land referencing is considered to be a paralegal activity which complements the work of law firms in the research of ownership, occupation and rights over of land subject to development. It is a specialist service which must be comprehensive in nature and undertaken in a diligent and auditable manner.

CCI has over 10 years’ experience in the delivery of land referencing projects with one of the largest and most experienced multi-disciplinary teams in the UK. Our service is proactive in nature and includes strategic advice on acquisition programmes through to land ownership investigation, compulsory purchase schedules, books of reference, plans, vesting orders etc. including the service of requisite notices.

Land referencing enables developers to acquire land and rights over land to meet their development requirements in a timely manner. The service is delivered through the application of diligent and auditable processes, based on proven experience, bespoke technology and collaborative working.

CCI understands that effective and efficient acquisition of land, and rights over land, is fundamental to the successful delivery of new infrastructure projects.

Planning Application Services

Through a working partnership with the Local Authority CCI supplies an adaptable service which is individually tailored to the clients needs. The service is designed to reduce time and cost taken to submit, process and approve Planning Applications while enhancing the applicant’s experience.

Planning Application Validation Service:

We do validation of electronic and paper Planning Applications against local council and national government planning policies to provide the easiest service to clients.

Planning Capacity Services:

deployment of highly experienced and qualified Planning Officers to complete the evaluation and determination process from validation through to decision.

Planning Application End-to-End Service:

long term partnership contracts to deliver an end-to-end Planning Application processing service.

Planning Enforcement Service:

experienced and qualified Enforcement Officers to help Local Authorities keep on top of or clear backlogs in Enforcement.

Building & Development

A hands off approach to redefining your existing property

Capital Care Investment operate with a well organised network of developers and construction firms to develop safe, high yield residential property with a particular focus on city centre markets. With strategically placed off-plan, refurbishments and new-build developments across Nottingham and the East Midlands, we're sure we can create the perfect strategy for your investment needs

Design and renovation

Our continued analysis, combined with our design proposals with our clients during the development stages, helps create solutions that are appropriate to their context and are a constant delight for end users.

Our designers take an interdisciplinary approach to developing both visionary and practical schemes. Successful developments rely on a balance of environmental, social and economic factors. Our portfolio includes innovative schemes for a broad range of sites. We provide a comprehensive design-led and technical response to the unique challenges of delivering sustainable urban environments.

Architectural services

At the heart of this process are our design teams, who take projects from concepts through to CAD assisted completion. Our team, led by our technical Directors, oversee the evolution of each project.

We bring a holistic view to the design of each building, striving to deliver sustainability and quality through the combination of the architecture, interior design and landscape design skills. Evident in the schemes that we have delivered and built is this considered approach: combining the pragmatic requirements of durability, scale and function, with the aesthetic attention to detail that creates a truly great place.

Regulatory and permits

Our experienced and professional team, with the knowledge and expertise, handle all neccesary paperwork to ensure you are meeting regulatory requirements; providing you with the most suitable solution.

Delivery & maintanence

Building work is undertaken through a structred and time-focussed schedule. We follow up the building delivery with a snagging survey, designed to check for issues with a new-build properties. This is followed by planned preventive maintenance carried out by a competent and suitable agent, to ensure that an item of equipment is operating correctly and to therefore avoid any unscheduled breakdown and downtime in the use of your new property by yourself or tenants.

If you would like to know more about how we work, please speak with a member of our team by calling + 44 115 8450535 or via email on [email protected]